Monday, August 22, 2011

Words from the composer

Many thanks to Roger Treece for sharing these thoughts:

"I have no doubt that it is Kieran who has led me to this realization that I can simply choose gratitude today."

Hey Everyone: I thought this quote by Kieran's mother, Sandra, is very important to highlight, because it touches on something that I've been thinking about and asking as I write this piece: what does a life mean? What does any life bring to all other lives?

What Sandra wrote expressed that so eloquently: that Kieran's life has taught her, among other other things, gratitude; that she can be thankful for whatever this day brings. (May be a title in there somewhere!)

I want this piece to have meaning not only for those of us who knew Kieran, but also for those who will never have the privilege of knowing him.
As I write this music I keep asking myself "What is the most important thing to say in this piece?"

So I ask you now: what three things did Kieran's life bring to you? mean to you? teach you?

The answers to these questions enrich our celebration of his life and, therefore, enrich our experience of our everyday lives and every day of our lives to come.

Roger Treece

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